Cheap T-Shirt Printing

Cheap T-Shirt Printing


Normally when the word cheap is used, you think of low quality. Which is not always the case. The reason why we say this, isjust because something is expensive does not mean it is of a higher quality. When it comes to the term “cheap t-shirt printing”, it does not mean that cheap shirts are used. It also does not mean that the material we use are cheap. To us, cheap t-shirt printing means that we offer it at a lower price than most of our competitors.


People are ashamed to use the term cheap. At wet-drop printing we want to change that view into something good. Why is this you ask? Well, let’s face it. The lifestyle we live in these days are so expensive, nothing is cheap anymore. So if you could get something of the same quality as the same quality just for much cheaper, won’t you rather take the less expensive one?


One of our clients the other day asked me why do we say cheap t-shirt printing? She mentioned that our shirts are very high quality. She said she has printed shirts at so many companies and she never really was satisfied with the quality she got. Not that the shirts were of a low quality, but because some of the shirts always had errors on them. What she meant with errors is that some of the artwork printed onto the shirt might have been skew etc.


What I told her was the following: “We want to make the term cheap t-shirt printing a trend and show people that you can get custom t-shirts printed at a cheap price but still get the BEST quality!”


That is what we strive to provide our clients with!


What are cheap t-shirt printing?


It just means that if you are on a budget, we have budget printing available for you. It does not mean the shirts we supply are bad quality but it will not be the same quality as the shirts that are more expensive.

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