Corporate Wear Pretoria


Corporate wear Pretoria means we sell and print corporate clothing to companies. The branding of clothing has become a big trend among the corporate companies. So if you are looking for a company that can brand your clothing for you, you have come to the right place.


Corporate Wear Pretoria is a sub division of wet-drop printing in which we brand clothing for companies. Do do not do embroidery, but that does not mean we are limited in any way. We can brand almost anything, from shirt, golf shirt, pants, caps all the way to socks.


We do not only supply the clothing but we brand it as well. But if you feel more comfortable to bring your own clothing, that will be no problem at all. Like mentioned above we can brand almost anything. We do have a 50% deposit policy, which means you have to pay 50% of the grand total before we start the production. The reason why we do this is because in the past we did not ask a deposit.


People took advantage of that. They accepted the quote and we printed the merchandise for them and when it came time for them to pick it up and pay well, they never showed.


There is a catch however, when you do print with us, you have to pay 100% upfront. Unfortunately we no longer offer a 50/50 deal. The 50/50 was normally you pay 50% deposit on anything above the amount of R1500 before we start. The other 50% would then have been paid after we completed your order. Unfortunately we no longer have this service due to some clients not paying us before collecting their products.


Do you print corporate wear Pretoria?


We do print corporate wear in Pretoria yes. We can print onto almost anything. Visit our Q&A page to view more about that.

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