What is corporate wear?


Corporate wear is any kind of clothing branded by a company. It can be from t-shirts, golf shirts, caps, leggings, hoodies, pants, all the way to socks and gloves.

When it comes to corporate apparel, the choices are unlimited. There are so many products on the marking specially made for corporate wear that it will take pages and pages to list them all.


So how do you know which clothing will be the best for your company? The answer is very simple. Firstly, you have to look at who will be wearing the clothing? Will it be people working in the office? Or maybe people out in the field actually getting dirty? Or maybe it is for an event?

By establishing whom will be wearing the corporate wear, you can now go and look at what will suit them the best and make your decisions based on the people that will be wearing the clothing.


Do you print corporate wear?


Yes, we do printing onto corporate apparel. It has become such a big trend. Everybody wants to brand their entire business. And why shouldn’t they? By branding the clothing your workers wear, will automatically give you FREE advertising. Of course its not just about free advertising, it is also about looking more like a unit.


It is about having pride in your business and always to look professional when in public or going to a meeting or just being at the office. Clients appreciate it when they walk into a office building and everybody is professional and also have professional clothing on. In our mind that means to brand your clothing.

We offer a wide variety of corporate wear and if you want something specific that we don’t have in stock or that our suppliers don’t have in stock, we will do our best to find it for you!

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