Custom T-Shirt Printing


What is custom t-shirt printing? That is when you want something printed you can’t find in a store. The client sends us their design and we print it for them. For example, when you have a picture of a cute hippo that you really want to show off to the world. This will be considered as a custom design when its printed onto a t-shirt just for you.


Remember just because it says custom, does not mean that we are restricted to just printing onto t-shirts. We can print onto almost any kind of fabric. Custom t-shirt printing is just a fancy way of saying you want a picture or words or whatever it is printed onto a shirt, or a cap or maybe pants. When you thing of custom printing, you might think it will be expensive. Think again, to print something with us can be cheaper than buying it in the stores!


We hope this gives you a better idea of what custom t-shirt printing is. To print something unique that no one has is becoming a big trend. We are seeing more and more people rather printing their own designs than buying in the stores. With printing your own designs, the possibilities are endless. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to get your custom design printed!


I don’t have a custom t-shirt printing design. What now?


If you don’t have a design, that is no problem at all. We have graphic designers that will love to work with you in getting your design made. We don’t design for free unfortunately. There will be a design fee if you choose to use one of our amazing talented graphic designers to design your artwork.

The design alone can take anywhere from a day up to three days to design. The duration will depend on  how busy we are and how much detail your design has.

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