What is direct to garment printing?


Direct to garment printing also referred to as DTG, is where your image is printed directly onto the garment with a special printer. This printer allows you to place the garment onto a tray and the printer then prints directly onto the garment with specialized inks.


How will direct to garment (DTG) printing benefit me?


Direct to garment printing is a very popular printing method where you cannot feel the print on the shirt at all. The print is directly printed onto the garment. Once the print is printed, it look like its part of the shirt and it feels the same texture as the shirt. The prints do come out vibrant. Please do take note that sometimes colours you see on-screen are different to the colour that is printed.


What are the downside to direct to garment (DTG) printing?


At the moment we can only print onto white or very light colour garments. Our DTG printer cannot print white ink which means we cannot print onto black garments. With black garment you need a printer that can print white ink. If we print on any other colour than white garments, the printing colour may also differ as the printing takes on the colour of the shirt. Any white or light grey part on your design will be the colour of the shirt. We can also only print up to an A4 size (210mm x 297mm) MAX with direct to garment printing.

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