We have a same day printing option available just for that purpose! There are a few terms and conditions to this service that has to be followed in order for us to assist you in the best way possible. To view the terms and conditions on this service and to know if you qualify, please follow the button below.



1. Can I send a picture from my phone for you to print onto my product?

You can, but there is a chance that the picture you sent from your phone will not be good enough to print. The picture might look good on your phone, but once printed it might pixelate. This is due to the image’s resolution not being good enough.


2. Why won’t my image print exactly the way I see it on my screen?

Images seen on a computer, tablet or phone screen might look different once printed for a few reasons. The resolution of the image was not high enough which means your image might pixelate once printed. It could also be that the colour on the screen and the colour printed is different. This is due to images you see on your computer, tv, tablet or phone are RGB, where the images we print are printed with CMYK. The printer might see a colour a different way, due to the image printing CMYK and not RGB. Colours that do change are: Grey (sometimes have a green undertone), navy blue or dark purple (navy blue might be more dark purple and dark purple might be more blue), dark red (either lighter red or brown) and maroon (sometimes is more brown than maroon).


3. How long does printing take?

Printing normally take 3-5 working days after we received the payment in our account (depending on what you want printed and the quantity). Please take note we send artwork approval to clients before we print anything in order for them to approve. If the client delay the process from their side by not responding to the artwork approval in a timely matter it will delay the printing process.


4. You said 3-5 working days, but I see you also have a same day printing service?

We do have a same day printing service but there are terms & conditions that have to be followed for this service. To view the terms & conditions for this service and if you qualify for this service, please follow the link https://wet-dropprinting.co/same-day-printing/


5. Can I supply my own garments to print onto?

You are more than welcome to supply your own garments to print onto. Please do take note that we do not print only lycra, spandex or nylon as those fabrics burn under our press. Also denim fabrics does not work. 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton and polyester blend or a blend where cotton or polyester is the highest count works the best. Please take note that we do not take responsibility if your product/s gets damaged in any way via the printing process. All the products we supply were tested to ensure that they can withstand the printing and heating process. If clients do supply their own products, there is always a chance that the product/s could get damaged.


6. Do you supply t-shirts if I don’t have t-shirts of my own?

We do supply shirts. To view all the products we have available for printing, please follow the link https://wet-dropprinting.co/products/


7. How will I know if the artwork I have will be sufficient enough for printing?

The best way for us to confirm if your artwork will look good once printed is to send your artwork to info@printingquote.co.za – this way we can have a look at your artwork and tell you if it will be fine to print.


8. What do I do if the artwork I have is not good enough?

You can either send a us a better quality picture if possible we prefer vector files as they print the best. If you are unable to send a better resolution image or don’t have a vector file, we can redesign it for you as we have graphic designers just for that purpose. We do charge to redesign artwork (prices for artwork design differ from the difficulty of the artwork. Price for redesign will be communicated to you via email). Please take note we don’t redesign any trademark artwork unless we have permission from the original owner of the artwork.


9. Can I pay the order once the items are completed?

Unfortunately not. All orders have to be paid before we start on your order.


10. Can I pay 50% deposit and then the other 50% once completed?

Unfortunately not. 100% to be paid before we start on your order.


11. Do you have a card machine?

We do not have a card machine. Cash or EFT.


12. Are you open on weekends?

We are not open over weekends or public holidays. We are open from 9am to 5pm weekdays. Please take note we are located in a residential complex and appointments have to be made to come to our premises. We have to announce visitors to the security gate otherwise they can have a difficult time to get into the complex. We do understand that it can be frustrating to go through the process of getting into our complex and we thank you for your patience but this is not only for our safety but for your safety as well.


13. Can I come and fit the shirts before buying them?

You are more than welcome to make an appointment with us in order to come and visit our premises. Please do let us know which shirt and what size you are interested in so that we can see if we have a sample of the specific shirt at our premises.

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14. Can I wait at your premises while you print my shirts?

Unfortunately not. We don’t print at the same premises where we receive clients.


15. Can’t I just go to the premises where you do the actual printing and collect or drop my shirts there?

Unfortunately no client is allowed on our printing premises for security reasons.


16. What is an artwork approval document and do you send this to every client?

An artwork approval document is a digital sample of what your product will look like once printed. On this document you will be able to see the artwork, the size of the artwork, the product it will go onto (if more than one and different sizes or colours, this will all be specified), if there are specialty vinyl or rhinestones to be printed onto your product it will be added to the document and it will also have the date the artwork approval document was created and the completion date. This document is send to every client before printing. Even if you have printed the exact same artwork from us before, for every new order an artwork approval document is created.


17. Can I make changes to my artwork approval document once I have approved and sent it back to you?

Once the client sent us the artwork approval document back where they approved the artwork, we send that file to print. If your file has already been placed into the printing line then no other changes can be made to that document. It is very important that you read the entire document we send you in order to understand that what you see in the artwork approval document will be printed.


18. How will I know if the shirts you supply will fit me?

Each product on our website has the size measurements available. You measure the size of the shirt from under your one arm to under your other arm across the chest.


19. I don’t like the shirt I ordered. Can I replace the shirt for something else?

Unfortunately not. If you have something printed onto the shirt and its the shirt you paid for and approved we cannot exchange it for free.


20. How long does your printing last?

Depending on which printing option you choose, the printing can last anything from 1-3 years before starting to show distress. The washing, drying and how often the shirt is worn does play a factor on how long the print will last on the shirt.


21. What is the best way to care for my garment?

Normal cold water machine washing is fine. We recommend you turn the shirt inside out so that the print face toward the inside of the garment. This prevent anything else inside the washing machine to scratch against the printing surface. We won’t recommend hand washing your garments as the wringing out of the garment by hand will damage the print. Do not iron over the printed area. If you do want to iron over it, turn the garment inside out so that the print faces the inside and then iron over it at max medium heat. Make sure the garment has cooled down before turning it over the right way again. Tumble drying your garments is fine but the print might not last as long as it would have when you only hanged it on the line to dry. Do not bleach shirts with printing onto them and try not to use detergent that is too strong.


22. What happens when you made a mistake on my garment and the mistake was not in the artwork approval that I approved?

It has happened that we made a mistake on a garment (does not happen often as all items are quality checked before a notification is sent to the client for order collection) as all the printing we do are done by humans and sometimes a mistake does slip in. You have 7 days to notify us about the mistake. If you don’t notify us within 7 days of collecting the product from our premises that there is a mistake on it we won’t accept it back. If you do however notify us within 7 days, we might ask you to send us photos of the faulty product. If you are based more than 15km from our premises we will send our courier for free to collect the product from your premises if not the product will have to be returned by the client. We will replace the product for free if the fault was on our side. Please do take note: we do not accept products back that are damaged by the client in any way (even if it had a fault on that was on our side). If there is a fault on your product, please do not attempt to remove the printing or do anything to the product that can damage it as we won’t replace the product then. We only accept products back that were in the same condition as it was when it left our premises. We strongly recommend that you go through each product you ordered at our premises before leaving with the products just so that if there is something not correct, that we can help you with it.


23. I want you to courier my order to me. Is this something you can assist me with and is it for free?

We do have a courier service that we use. The courier is not for free. For an accurate price on the courier costs, please email us your address to info@printingquote.co.za – please take note courier is an extra 2-3 day waiting period. The delivery can be longer it just depends on how busy the courier company is. After the courier collected the parcel we no longer are responsible for your parcel. If the courier was unsuccessful in delivering your parcel, due to you not answering your phone to make arrangement for delivery or unable to receive the parcel, an additional cost will be charged back to you. The reason for this is, the courier company will attempt to deliver the package 3 times, if undelivered after the 3rd time, the package will come back to our premises. The courier company will then charge us for the delivery back to our address and the person that ordered the parcel from us will be responsible for the extra charge on our account. If the client does not pay the outstanding balance for the extra charge to deliver the parcel back to our premises, they will then be unable to receive their parcel from us. Please also take note that if the courier company was unsuccessful in delivering your parcel and the parcel came back to our premises, we will not courier it again. The client that ordered the parcel will have to come and collect it from our premises. Its very important to give us the correct address, the person’s name receiving the parcel as well as a contact number for that person. When the courier collected your parcel from our premises a link will be sent along with a tracking number where you can track your parcel. If you have any inquiries about the delivery of your parcel after its been collected from our premises, the courier company will have to be contacted by you.


24. Can I come to your premises anytime between your working hours?

We strongly recommend that you either email us or call us to come to our premises. Due to security reasons we do not allow walk-in clients into our complex. We are based inside a residential house in a residential complex and all visitors have to be announced at the gate to gain access. We really don’t want clients to take the time to drive all the way here and then not being able to get into our complex. Also sometimes we are not there as we do collections and deliveries etc. Please call us before coming so that we can make sure someone is there for you.


25. Can I send you a text over Whatsapp?

Yes, we are on Whatsapp. Please do take note that all images to be printed will have to be send via email. If you sent it via whatsapp, it might be compressed and unfortunately we can’t take responsibility for pixelated images. Also take note we do get a bit busy sometimes and can’t answer whatsapp messages right away. Also, artwork approval will not be sent via whatsapp, artwork approval is sent via email only.

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