What is Glass Etching?


Glass etching is a technique used for printing something permanently onto glass. Its also called French embossing. Etching onto glass is for one colour prints only and no small detail will be able to be printed. Small detail cannot be achieved with this technique, because our stencil can only cut items up to a certain size. A stencil needs to be created in order to etch on the glass and a setup fee will be required. The setup fee will depend on the quantity and size of your artwork you want to etch onto. Etching onto glass gives a frosted glass appearance.


Different kinds of glass, will give a different look. For example: thicker glass might not have such a frosted effect than what a thin glass would have. Different colour glass also gives different effects. Etching only works with glass and not with plastic, ceramic or stainless steel.


How is glass etching achieved?


This technique is done with a special formula. The compound chemically eats away at the glass substrate (borosilicate), and causes etching in the glass surface. The surface of the glass is eaten away where the compound was leaving the appearance of frosted glass. This technique is 100% permanent and cannot be removed and is dishwasher safe.


Can I supply my own items to etch onto?


You are more than welcome to supply your own glass to etch onto. As mentioned before, the opaque frosted look will depend on a few factors. It will depend on what kind of glass it is, is the glass coloured or clear and the thickness of the glass.


Getting a wine or champagne glass etched will be the perfect gift to give your guests to remember your special day. Maybe giving someone special a glass water bottle with something etched on it so that every time they drink water, they can think of you? The possibilities with glass etching is endless! If you don’t have your own glass products to etch onto, why not check out our products page? Follow to view all our amazing products.


Let us help you create something special that you or someone else can cherish for years to come!

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