Okiyo Nakama Bamboo Cutlery Set


Price per unit

R44.99 per set


*Traditionally considered as waste, wheat straw is what remains once the wheat grains have been harvested.
*This highly renewable and sustainable raw material can be used to reduce the production of plastic and other harmful synthetic materials globally.
*Our Nakama Wheat Straw Cutlery Set is an ideal alternative to single-use plastic cutlery.
*Pouch: 18.3 ( l ) x 5.5 ( w ) • Cotton
*Fork: 16 ( l ) • Bamboo
*Knife: 15.8 ( l ) • Bamboo
*Spoon: 16 ( l ) • Bamboo


Colours Available:


Printing not included. Please email your designs to info@printingquote.co.za for a quote on the printing.