Okiyo Saiko Wheat Straw Straw Set


Price per unit

R20.99 per set


*Our Saiko Straw Set is conveniently packaged in a compact case, so you can take it wherever you go.
*This set is made from a mix of wheat straw and pp, making it a durable and reusable alternative to single-use plastic straws.
*Reduce the impact of billions of plastic straws produced globally by making a natural choice with Okiyo.
*Case: 10.1 ( l ) x 4.4 ( w ) x 1.2 ( h ) • Wheat
*Straw & PP Straw: assembled 22.7 ( l ) • Wheat Straw & PP
*Brush: Cleaner 9 ( l


Colours Available:


Printing not included. Please email your designs to info@printingquote.co.za for a quote on the printing.