Rhinestone Designs


As a printing company, we not only do heat transfers, sublimation or screen printing, but we also do rhinestone designs. This technique can be used on almost any kind of fabric. Not only do we do rhinestones onto shirts, but we can do it on shoes, caps, phone cases and more.


What kind of rhinestones do you use?


We use hotfix rhinestones. Hotfix rhinestones normally have a green or grey back. The green/grey back is the glue part for sticking the rhinestone to the item. When the green/grey part gets hot, it turns into a liquid glue and will stick to the item. Normally we use glass rhinestones but we have had requests for Swarovski crystals. We can get Swarovski crystals if you really require them but please do take note they are much more expensive.


We can incorporate heat transfer, screen printing or sublimation along with your rhinestone designs. All the rhinestone designs we do, are done by a professionally trained person who blings your items by hand. Rhinestones are more expensive and time consuming to do because each individual item is done by hand. This makes each piece we finish unique.


How does the rhinestone designs work?


To get something done in rhinestones, you will firstly need a rhinestone template. If you don’t have a rhinestone template, one of our graphic designers will be more than happy to assist you with a template. Please take note designing a rhinestone template is not for free. We do charge to create a template for you. The amount will depend on the difficulty of your artwork.


If, however you want to create your own template or already have one then we won’t charge you for the rhinestone template. To make your own template to send to us, take note of the following points.


1. Your artwork needs to already be the exact size you want the artwork to be displayed on the item once completed.


2. As you will see in the diagram below, the left side represents what a rhinestone template looks like. The right side is the application after the rhinestones were added to the item. Your artwork will have to look like this. No half circles or circles that overlap. If they are not complete circles or overlapping circles, they will not appear in the final product.


3. In order to correctly design your template, you will have to make sure that you size your dots correctly. For example if you want to use a 3mm x 3mm rhinestone, each individual rhinestone dot on your template needs to be 3mm x 3mm.


If you are still uncertain about creating your own template, you are more than welcome to send us an email and we will gladly assist you.  Please email us at info@printingquote.co.za


Colour and sizes of rhinestones


We do have various size rhinestones available. We have 2mm x 2mm, 3mm x 3mm, 4mm x 4mm and 6mm x 6mm. There are also lots of different colour rhinestones to choose from. To ensure that we have the colour rhinestone in stock that you are looking for, please contact us.


We don’t always have the same colours available and its important for you to notify us which colour and size rhinestone you are looking for. From our side we will view our stock and let you know if we have the rhinestones you are looking for or not. If we don’t have them, we can order them for you. The waiting period is anything from 2 days up to a month depending on where we have to order from.

Please view below what your rhinestone template and rhinestone designs

will look like once completed


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