Sticker Printing Pretoria


Welcome to our sticker printing Pretoria page. Sticker printing is done through us. Any shape and size sticker up to 610mm. We can cut your sticker out in any shape you need it to be. Our machine can print stickers up to the size of about 610mm in the width by whatever the height will be. There are various sticker options available for you to choose from at sticker printing pretoria.


For printing stickers we have a gloss and matt. We also have a transparent sticker as well as an opaque white sticker. The sort of sticker you choose will depend on what the outcome is that you are looking for.


If you want the sticker to really be seen, the opaque sticker will be best. If you are looking for more of a subtle look, the transparent sticker will work better for you.


Gloss stickers are used more on items that will contain either water, oil or any kind of liquid for that matter. Samples of these items are beard oil, cosmetic products, water bottles etc. Matt stickers will work if you are looking for more of a modern clean look. Matt stickers does not really want to get wet and when it does, it might leave a mark.


How much does sticker printing Pretoria cost?


The price of the sticker will depend on a few factors. How many stickers are you looking for? Should the stickers be matt or gloss? Are you looking for the transparent or opaque sticker? What size do you want each individual sticker to be? Do you want the stickers weeded or left as is?


Metallic vinyl stickers is also an option. We have gold, silver and rose gold metallic stickers available for you to choose from. These stickers are already a set colour and we just print over it. Anything that is white will be the colour of the sticker. Send us your designs so that we confirm if you qualify for our amazing metallic stickers.

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