What is sublimation printing?


Sublimation printing is when your artwork is printed onto a special kind of paper, using sublimation ink. The paper with your artwork printed onto it, is then transferred onto the garment. The garment and artwork are pressed together using a heat press. We press our items with an industrial press to ensure the correct temperature and pressure is used. When the ink comes in contact with heat, it turns into a gas. The pressure helps the gas to sink into your product. If there is not enough pressure, the gas will escape and the print will not look complete.


Sublimation printing is very durable and will last as long as the garment would. The print will be part of the garment. It doesn’t fade easily, wear out, or have any kind of texture or weight to it.


How will sublimation printing benefit me?


The printing is very light on the shirt. Meaning that you will not feel the print on the shirt at all as it becomes part of the garment. The print is very durable and there will be no cracking or peeling with this method. You can individually customise every garment without a setup fee. There is no minimum quantity on this printing method. The colours are extremely vibrant.


What is the down side to sublimation printing?


The printing method requires 100% polyester fabric in order to print correctly. We can print onto cotton and cotton blend but the print will start to wash out after the first wash. If printed onto cotton the print will not be as vibrant as on 100% polyester.


This printing method does not work at all on any dark colour garments. We can only print up to an A3 size with sublimation. This means that we don’t print sublimation all over the shirt.

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