T-Shirt Printing Pretoria


Welcome to our landing page! Please click on any of the menus above to be directed to the rest of our website. Our core business is to print custom t-shirts for anybody. Although we say t-shirt printing Pretoria, we don’t just print on t-shirts. At wet-drop printing we can print on almost any kind of fabric. If we are uncertain if we can print on  the fabric you want to print on, we will do our research and try our best to find a solution.


It’s important to say to us when you have an unusual kind of fabric you want to print something on. An example of this will be silk. T-shirt printing Pretoria is our main focus. Do you need to print onto silk? No problem, we will go more than the extra mile to make sure it is done perfectly. Sometimes we have to say no, as some fabrics just will not do. Our advise is if you bring in your own fabric or shirt please tell us upfront what kind of fabric it is. This give us an opportunity to you if we can or can’t print onto the fabric.


T-shirt printing Pretoria is definitely the way to go if you want the BEST quality! We don’t just print onto t-shirts, we can print onto hoodies, golfers, bags and much more.


The three printing methods we use the most are heat transfer, sublimation and screen printing. Contact us to find out which printing method will suit your needs the best. Click on the contact us page to contact us.


You said t-shirt printing Pretoria. Do you only print in Pretoria?


No, we don’t just print shirts in Pretoria. We serve clients all over South Africa. We use a courier service to deliver orders for clients far away.

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