We are very passionate about what we do. This is why we have an entire page dedicated to t-shirts. T-shirts are our core business. We have a wide variety of t-shirts available for you to buy and print onto. From unisex, ladies, men all the way to kiddies shirts. We also have crew neck and v-neck shirts available. Furthermore, we have them in normal t-shirts, racer backs, vests and long sleeve shirts. The shirts we supply are of high quality but we do also have promo shirts available. Promo shirts are shirts normally given out at an event or for a promotion. These shirts are not bad but they are not the best quality. You will not get as much wear out of it as you would with a better quality shirt.


On our products page, we have a shirt to fit almost anybody’s needs. Our shirts are also different qualities as well as different prices which means we have shirts to suit every need and budget. There are various colours to choose from. If you don’t see the shirt in the colour  you are looking for on our products page, it means it does not come in that colour.


So do you sell only t-shirts?


Just because we focus on t-shirt, does not mean we sell only t-shirts. On our products page you will be able to see all our products. We have a wide range of products for you to choose from. All the products on our website are available to be printed onto as well.


How do I care for my shirt?


Wash your garment in cold water. Do not hand wash it. Do not use bleach or any strong detergent on it. When you have printed onto it, turn the garment so that the printing is facing the inside before putting it into the wash. This will prevent the print from being scratched by anything else in the washing machine. The best is not to iron over the print. If you have to iron the print, turn the garment inside out again. This means the print will be facing the inside of the shirt. Iron on medium heat max. When done ironing, leave to cool before turning it over the right way. Tumble drying your garment is fine, again inside out is the best way.


Unfortunately no print and shirt will last forever. We get a lot of clients asking us which printing technique will last forever and the answer is there is none. After a while all printing will start to show signs of distress. Even the shirt will start to show signs of that. This does not mean the quality of the shirt or the print is bad. The lifespan of your shirt and print will depend on a few factors.


How often do you wear the shirt?  With what do you wash the shirt? How often do you wash the shirt? Do you wash it by hand or in the washing machine? Does your item get tumble dried or air dried? Do you iron it? All these items will have an effect on the lifespan of your shirt and print. The lifespan is more or less 1 year before starting to show distress and about 3 years that you have with the shirt.

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