What is vinyl sticker printing?


Vinyl sticker printing is a printing method used to print stickers. Vinyl is the material that is used and then your design is printed onto it. At wet-drop printing we strive to give you want you need. We can print and cut any shape and size up to 610mm in the width by whatever the height will be. Various vinyl options available to suit your specific needs.


The most popular vinyl sticker printing options we have are matt vinyl, gloss, transparent and opaque. We also have vinyls in set colours both in matt and gloss. The most popular set its are the metallic gold, metallic silver and metallic rose gold. Brilliant gold and brilliant silver vinyl is also available for purchase. These two vinyls shine like crazy and you almost need sunglasses to look at them.


Does your vinyl sticker printing work on windows?


Yes, we do have a vinyl sticker that works on windows. Cast vinyl but in only comes in opaque. The cast vinyl is not available in transparent. Cast vinyl is a very strong vinyl used for wallpaper. Cast vinyl is for indoor but can be used for outdoor as well.


The ink we use to print stickers are uv protected and does last a long time. Duration of how long the sticker will last depends on the person using the sticker.


Our normal vinyl stickers are mostly used for indoor use, but we do print them as car bumper stickers as well.


The price of the sticker will depend on a few factors. How many stickers are you looking for? Should the stickers be matt or gloss? Are you looking for the transparent or opaque sticker? What size do you want each individual sticker to be? Do you want the stickers weeded or left as is?


Our metallic and brilliant vinyl stickers are more expensive than the normal vinyl stickers.

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